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On February 7, the Marine Corps 1st Light Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion was ordered to protect the airfield there.

More VC attacks led to more airstrikes against North Vietnam.

On March 7, the Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered the 9th MEB, which had been off the coast of Da Nang, to come ashore to further protect the airfield. Initially, the Marine intervention was to be limited.

The JCS landing order directed that the Marine force “will not, repeat will not, engage in day-to-day actions against the VC.” The role of the Marines was to protect the base.

Although no enemy was confirmed killed by the Marines, blood trails leading away from the airfield were found the following morning.

They were shocked by the film images, but felt it was so important they could not fail to broadcast it.

Another reporter, Richard Critchfield of the Washington Star, later told Safer the reason Cam Ne was leveled had nothing to do with the Viet Cong; rather, it was because the chief was furious with the residents of Cam Ne for refusing to pay their taxes.

According to Critchfield, who was an expert on villages in Vietnam, the chief wanted the village punished.

While en route to their objective, the lieutenant told Safer his force was going to level Cam Ne, “really tear it up.” When asked why, the officer said his men had taken a lot of fire from the village.

Further, the Vietnamese province chief said he wanted it leveled.

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