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Dating site golddiggers block

I’ve never seen an Australian moved to tears by Advance Australia Fair (not that I can blame them, it’s a fucking dreary anthem).

You don’t see a great many Australian flags flying in front yards, and you won’t catch a great many of us caring enough about politics to love or hate our leader of state.

Slow speeds, patchy availability, ludicrous costing, inhibitive ‘download limits’, and the government’s recent invasive decision to institute data retention have made Australia something of a developing country when it comes to the internet.

Pretty depressing when you consider we invented Wi Fi.

It’s certainly not that Australians aren’t proud of being Australian, it’s just that we’re a little more low key in our pride.

The first and probably most common type of woman you should never marry is the ever popular “Gold Digger.” You can spot this money grubber a mile away, but in case you have been fooled before, here are a few tips to know If she’s digging for gold.• Does she seem to make everything about money?• Does she always seem to light up when something expensive is in front of her?• Does she ask a lot about how much money you make?They sport Southern Cross tattoos while shouting abuse at foreigners. The US and China are similar in size (both slightly larger) but the more even scattering of sizable cities means that there are international airports, high speed rail stations, and bus depots at far more regular intervals than you’ll find in Australia.As a result, getting from A to B is usually fairly affordable.

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It’s not just the obvious and embarrassing displays of racism like the Cronulla Race Riots or the recent violent attacks on Indian minorities in Victoria – it’s the pervasive, often easily overlooked casual racism that comes in the form of racist jokes, racial slurs, and racial stereotyping that virtually every Australian has been guilty of at some time. It’s people who throw around racial slurs like ‘fucking Chinks’ or ‘God damn Arabs’ when they’re angry about something innocuous.

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