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Domesday book 1986 online dating

8d.”; also “in work on a new mill, improvement of fulling mills and repair of the mill-pools of Knaresborough and Boroughbridge £15, 8s. He was one of several royal visitors who enjoyed hunting in the forest.The Museums & Arts section of Harrogate Borough Council provided the detailed information on Knaresborough Castle.not apparently for his participation in the death of Becket, but for complicity in the rebellion of the young Henry.”.Knaresborough, together with Aldborough, were granted to William de Stuteville in the same year.

Thus it is the time of William the Conqueror and the Norman invasion which sees the beginnings of the town of Knaresborough when Serlo de Burgh was granted the Manor of Knaresborough as a reward for his part in the invasion.

Knaresborough has a fascinating and varied history.

Its roots go back centuries and throughout its long history it has been peopled with a wealth of characters, from Hugh de Morville, murderer of Thomas Beckett on the steps of his cathedral at Canterbury, to Blind Jack, the world renowned road builder.

Here you will find explorations of many aspects of Knaresborough history and the people who have made it such a fascinating place.

The particular siting of Knaresborough may well be due to the easily defended location – the castle remains stand on a rocky outcrop 120 feet above the river.

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Like all castles, Knaresborough served as a focus for the surrounding community: a refuge in times of danger and a centre for government and judicial administration.

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