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Source: Plum Book, Government Printing Office, December https:// THIS FIGHT IS JUST GETTING STARTED TO PRESERVE FREEDOM ONCE AND FOR ALL!Now of course the "usual suspects" will worm there way through the system to undermine it, and this is where the battle is, this is where can beat them back.More than 4,000 political appointees, many of whom hold important leadership and policymaking positions, will be heading out the door next year with the change in administrations.Finding qualified people to fill these jobs is an enormous undertaking, but it is critically important to making the federal government work effectively for the American public.Levin offered his congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump, but he reminded his audience that it was not Trump who defeated Hillary Clinton.

Non-career Senior Executive Service (NA): Members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) work in key positions just below the top presidential appointees, bridging the gap between the political leaders and the civil service throughout the federal government.Listen: Trump won by running on one of the most conservative policy records and agendas of any modern president, Levin said. Now its time to get to work on implementing that conservative agenda.It wasnt until later when you, when WE held his feet to the fire insisting that he embrace conservative principles that he was able to do so, Mark remarked. And were going to insist that on these very, very important conservative issues upon which many of you voted that this Republican monopoly advance our principles the principles they said that they would institute, Levin said. On Thursdays Mark Levin show, President-elect Trump must not nominate Sen. Corker single-handedly undermined the constitution, undermined the treaty provision, and helped hand President Obama exactly what he wanted with Iran.HISTORY-" President-elect Donald Trumps transition team is now part of the government, at least online, in the form of a Great website. President-elect Donald Trump announced on Sunday that Stephen K.The website, registered through the General Services Administration, is a traditional element of the federally funded transition between administrations, carried out under the terms of the 2010 Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act. Bannon will be the White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor while Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will serve as White House Chief of Staff.

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After that, Republicans have monopoly power now and must do something effective and not dance around the edges. But when I saw the trouble our country was in, I felt I had to act.