Richelle and noah dating site

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Richelle and noah dating site

This list is of fictional characters in the Family Channel television series The Next Step.

She and West later develop feelings for each other, but they remain friends.

Non-canon pairings can range from "baited"—the couple may eventually become official, or there are scenes that suggest they are an official couple—to "crack ships"—a non-canon pairing that is exceptionally outlandish and will likely never become official.

Pairings are often the source of passionate debate within the fandom, in which different Steppers vie for their pairings and sometimes claim theirs to be the one that is superior.

Much of The Next Step fandom "ships" certain pairings, meaning that they vie for certain individuals pairings being together.

Some of these pairings are "canon." This means that these pairings are officially recognized couples on the show.

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Richelle continues to hide her injury and, upon Daniel's advice, merely reinforces her pointe shoe with duct tape.

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