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Yet it is there in black and white in the Iranian penal code.

Article 83 says: 'Adultery in the following cases shall be punishable by stoning: (1) Adultery by a married man who is wedded to a permanent wife with whom he has had intercourse and may have intercourse when he so desires; (2) Adultery of a married woman with an adult man provided the woman is permanently married and has had intercourse with her husband and is able to do so again.' Article 102 sets out the depths at which men and women should be buried before stoning, as already mentioned.

In August 1994, a woman was stoned to death in the city of Arak.

Amnesty International has stated in a recent report on stonings in Iran: 'Women suffer disproportionately from such punishment.

Yet it also appeared to countenance the stoning to death of a middle-aged mother from one of its own provincial cities.

Significantly, it is widely held that stoning has no basis in the Koran.

Soon there are two holes into which the trussed figures are planted upright, as far as their waists.

Then the diggers fill in the space around them; they are trapped.

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And yet judges continue to sentence men and women to such a death, and the Iranian Supreme Court continues to ratify the decisions. ' He and his sister, Farideh, 17, wrote another open letter to the international community in which they said: 'We stretch our hands to the people of the world.

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